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Bus service from UK to India in the offing

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A transcontinental bus route from the UK to India will be reportedly launched in 2021. Buses along this new route will stop in 18 countries and cover a distance of 20,000 km.

This  idea has been developed by an expedition company named Adventure Overland. This is first of its kind hop-on/hop-off bus service running from the UK to India.

The bus will take the passengers to places including Moscow, Vilnius, Prague, Brussels, Frankfurt, Uzbekistan, Samarkand and other cities en route to India.

According to the company, the route will even include a cruise on the Caspian Sea in Kazakasthan. The route will also pass through the ancient Silk Route.

This bus service is expected to be inaugurated in mid-2021.

The estimated cost for the road trip is $20,000. However, the passengers have option to choose the routes they prefer to travel. The trip can be divided into four legs.

Source: CNN traveler