बुधबार, असार ६, २०८१

Suicide cases rising at an alarming rate

नेपालखोज २०७७ भदौ २९ गते १०:५९

The number of suicide cases is rising every day, according to data maintained by the police. The Central Police Department informed that there were 709 suicide cases registered from July 16 to August 16, 2020.

After the lockdown imposed in March, altogether 3,410 people have killed themselves. From mid June-mid to mid-July, 972 people have committed suicide. Data show that the number of suicide cases has gone up drastically after the government imposed lockdown.

According to the police, there were 8 suicide cases in the Kathmandu valley, 130 cases in Province 1; 67 in Province 2; 106 in Bagmati province; 72 in Gandaki Province; 173 in Province 5; 45 in Karnali Province and 79 in Far-Western province between July 16 to August 16. A total of 392 males, 238 female, 42 male child and 38 female child have committed suicide.

According to the data of fiscal year 2019/2020, a total of 6,279 people took their lives in one year. In an average, there are 17 suicide cases every day.