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Nehru & Zhou En Lai

नेपालखोज २०७७ असोज २ गते १५:५७

When you study the books related to diplomats, you will reach the conclusion that Jawaharlal Nehru annoyed from the temperament of Chou En Lie thinking of him that he was shrewd and cunning with no political ethics. He felt that at any moment there might be something dangerous for Asia. Now in this issue, I would like to highlight this unlucky incident with a request to you to analyse its focal theme yourself only.

‘Kashmir Princess’ is the name of one of the planes of Air India. This particular flight was blasted by bomb on 11 April 1955, and shockingly it was the same flight which was specialized for travelling of Zhou En Lai from Hong Kong to Indonesia. He missed this flight at the last minute because of some medical urgency.

This full episode was investigated by IB officer R.N.Kao. It is said that B.N.Mullick who was IB Director at that time was totally against Nehru for sending him to the investigation. Afterwards, the same R.N.Kao was promoted to the post of first Director of RAW.

R.N.Kao met Zhou En Lai many times during investigation in Beijing and was very much influenced by him. Mullick complained a lot to Nehru against him but Nehru was having tremendous confidence on R. N.Kao.

After the investigation got over, Nehru Called R.N.Kao for tea also, and the discussion between them shows how much visionary Nehru was?

Actually Nehru assigned a task to R.N.Kao to convince Zhou En Lai with an assurance that Taiwan is behind him, but Zhou En Lai was doubtful, that’s why, he asked Kissinger after a long gap of 17 years in 1972, “Who made a conspiracy to kill me on April – 11, 1955?” Henry Kissinger has written in his Memories: After the Air crash investigation, R.N. Kao was promoted to the post of Prime Minister Security Chief.

Interestingly Air India L-749A crew and the Chief Pilot (Damodar Kashinath Jatar) got Ashoka Chakra Military Award and other crew members were also honoured and their families were also considered to be looked after. You may testify all the facts on historical grounds.

In Indian history at the first time a Military Award was given to a civilian, but WHY? A plane-crash across the world appears from time to time, then what?, will they get Military Award.

In fact Nehru was very much clear in his vision that: • Zhou En Lai, a key person in China, is a real danger. 1. India has to make Tibet free. 2.Baltistan has to be a part of India. 3. Aksai Chin is a part of India. 4.To be ensured let China not be allowed to enter into the boundary of Kingdom of Sikkim, Nepal and Bhutan.

Deepak Saxena

Saxena is a Psephologist and a Journalist.


Photo source: Wikimedia Commons