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CNP relocates wildcat to Bardiya for lack of reliable accommodation

NepalKhoj Report 14 Sep, 2023

Chitwan. One of the tigers captured from Amaltari of Nawalparasi along the Chitwan National Park (CNP) has been relocated to Bardiya over the lack of a proper structure to keep the animal.

Ganesh Prasad Tiwari, the CNP information officer, said earlier park authorities took control of these tigers due to their increasing threat to human settlements. Initially, a cub was spotted in a human settlement, followed by the sighting of a male tiger around 10 years.

The adult tiger had already begun causing losses in the settlement by preying on domesticated animals. The seven-month-old male cub has been placed in Kasara, which lacks a proper enclosure for adult tigers. Currently, Kasara is home to four tigers, including the cub.

One, a male of approximately 1o years old, was brought there some four years ago while another of around 10 years of age is also a male and was brought in from Devnagar three years back. The third which is a female of around 13 years of age was captured from Madi last year.

These adult tigers are kept in cemented structures. Now the total number of tigers in CNP has reached six, with two located in Sauraha. Authorities are compelled to capture these animals to prevent potential human-animal conflicts in nearby settlements, but they are facing space constraints.

As part of preparations for the Bharatpur Visit Year in 2024, the park plans to establish an open enclosure for tigers near Devnanagar, it is said.