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Nepal-U.S. citizen level relations spectacular-US Secretary of State

NepalKhoj Report 20 Sep, 2023

New York. U.S. Secretary of State Antoni Blinken said the Nepal-America citizen level relations were spectacular.

In a message of best wishes delivered on the occasion of Nepal’s Constitution Day on Tuesday, he said expansion of bilateral relations between Nepal and the U.S. has worked as a milestone for deepening mutual understanding and enhance good will and trust.

‘On behalf of the American people, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the Nepali people on the occasion of the Constitution Day. Today we are celebrating such a special day that would help expand mutual peace, collaboration and prosperity of two nations by playing unparalleled role in renewing our commitments and relations’, the message reads.

He also recalled the achievements Nepal made and the cordial relations between Nepal and the U.S., the message states.