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Trekking route to Pathibhara from Mayam

NepalKhoj Report 4 Mar, 2024

Taplejung. A two-kilometer trekking route has been constructed to reach the famous Pathibhara Temple through Mayam in Fungling Municipality-10. The trekking route has been constructed by using stone slabs from Chuchche Dhunga to Dhahelo in Mayam.

The construction work was made possible with financial investment of Pathibhara Area Development Committee, Chairperson of Consumer Committee Kumar Lecharbo said that 2,172 meters of footpath has been constructed at the cost of Rs. 2.5 million allocated by the PADC. Through 2,500 meters had been technically estimated an additional 122 meters was constructed.

The 122 meters of footpath was constructed by the consumer committee with voluntary labor from the local level. According to Indra Lechharbo, the secretary of the consumer committee, the locals of Furumbo in Fungling municipality, Paktanglung Rural Municipality and Mikwakhola Rural Municipality using this trekking route to reach the Pathibhara temple. The stone-paved route with a width of 1.20 centimeters is expected to facilitate the mobility of the locals.