बिहीबार, जेठ १०, २०८१

More than 100 Nepalis dead in UAE during lockdown

नेपालखोज २०७७ साउन २९ गते १३:४६


Kathmandu: A total of 110 Nepalis have lost their lives during the lockdown in the UAE. This happened within the duration of five months, from March 11 to August 11, according to the Nepali Embassy in the UAE. Among the dead, five are female and 105 are male.

Among the deceased, 36 people lost their lives due to the coronavirus infection. Apart from the infection, most of them died due to suicide, accident and murder.

Among them, the funeral of 69 Nepalis was done in the UAE with mutual understanding from the family. While the embassy is preparing to send four bodies to Nepal, the detailed report of the other bodies is yet to be received.

According to the data from the Nepali Embassy in the UAE, around 14,000 Nepalis have already returned home from the Gulf country. Issuing a notice, the embassy informed that 82 chartered flights for rescue operations have been operated till date and 13,785 Nepalis have already returned home amid Covid-19 crisis.