मंगलबार, जेठ १५, २०८१

Prime Bank earns net profit of Rs 2.29 billion

नेपालखोज २०७७ साउन ३० गते ११:३६



Kathmandu: Prime Commercial Bank Limited (PCBL) is getting stronger after acquisition. The bank which acquired two development banks, Kankai Development Bank and Kailash Development Bank, in the last fiscal year earned a net profit of Rs 2.29 billion in the fourth quarter.

Compared to the last fiscal year, the bank earned Rs 94.1 million more in this fiscal year. During the same period of last year, the company’s net profit was Rs 2.19 billion.

With the increase in net interest and operating profit, the profit of the bank has increased.  The operational profit which was Rs 1.60 billion in the previous fiscal year increased to Rs 1.61 billion in the last fiscal year.

In this duration, the bank earned a net interest revenue of Rs 4.61 billion and earned operational profit of Rs 3.27 billion. Compared to last year, the net interest has increased by Rs 1.15 billion and operational profit has increased by Rs 120.7 million.