शुक्रबार, जेठ ११, २०८१

Please don’t humiliate young entrepreneurs

नेपालखोज २०७७ भदौ १३ गते १२:१८

Recently, police arrested ecommerce founders and delivery persons reasoning that home delivery is against the prohibitory orders from District Administration Office. According to DAO, the directive will be effective till September 2.

The police arrested the delivery persons at several areas including Durbarmarg, Tinkune and Maligaun. Later, they also took e-commerce operators to the police custody and detained them at least six hours. Such act has discouraged and humiliated young entrepreneurs who are committed to stay in the country despite opportunities abroad.

Ecommerce purchasing is a global trend now. In India too, the ecommerce companies get curfew passes to cross inter-state borders and move within the city to facilitate home delivery of essential items.

It, in itself, is a condemnable act that should not have been done by Nepal Police.  Ecommerce is becoming the very lifestyle in present day society and with, corona pandemic now, it is a necessity. And this is a high time for Nepal utilize and promote the existing digital port and network. Activities like interrupting and at times, forcing to stop the operation of ride-sharing platforms and banning the operation of home delivery of essential goods during the health emergency is detrimental to government’s Digital Nepal campaign.

Families having no idea about online shopping have started ordering food and other essentials through digital platform. Many Kathmandu residents have started considering online ordering as best option to avoid mixing in crowd. Even the vendors and sellers aren’t idle but are active to sell their products online obeying the prohibitory orders.

Understanding the need and convenience of ecommerce platform at this time when social distancing is a new norm, the government must urgently act. The government must act as facilitator with a guideline so that these platforms can continue their operations.


Photo Credit: Alok Yonzan