शनिबार, कार्तिक ६, २०७८

Minister Bhusal should take legal action against owner of Shailung construction

नेपालखोज २०७७ भदौ २२ गते ११:०४

Minister for Agriculture and Livestock Development Ghanashyam Bhusal is recognized as an intellectual leader, at least when compared to other ministers of Nepal.  He has a good knowledge of many socio-economic theories including Marxism.

Prior to becoming an agriculture minister, he used to boast a lot about what should be done. However, now, he avoid media. The reason is because he has failed to work as per his commitments after becoming a minister.

We can clearly feel that Bhusal has not understood the meaning behind the proverb ‘With great power, comes great responsibility’.

He is the same Bhusal, whom the people called ‘Karl Marx of Nepal’ at some point of time. He has already tarnished his image after holding the responsibility of agriculture minister.

Farmers have not been able to get fertilizers and seeds. It is already late and the agriculture minister is still discussing about access to fertilizers.

Bhusal must strongly raise voice and take action against NCP co-chairman Prachanda’s landlord, who has been awarded a contract to import fertilizers. The minister must scrap the contract for not bringing the fertilizers on time.  Bhusal needs to take strict legal action against the landlord of Prachanda, Sharada Adhikari. Bhusal’s image could be better if he could take this strong action against Adhikari.

Now, the citizens need to see what Minister Bhusal can do for the welfare of the people. If he can’t do this, he is nothing more than a salaried employee of PM Oli.

Lending or bartering fertilizers with Bangladesh was definitely not what he should have done. It is already late.

Bhusal’s image might get better if he realizes his mistake and takes legal action against the owner of Sailung Construction.