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ByteDance in talks with US to avoid selling TikTok to other company

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ByteDance, a Chinese technology company which owns TikTok, has been talking with the US government to resolve the issues regarding the  operation of the popular mobile application.


Wall Street Journal reported that ByteDance, which is the parent company of TikTok, has been holding conversations with the US government.


The musical app has been one of the major reasons of diplomatic tension between the US and China.  Due to this, American President Donald Trump has given deadline to ByteDance to sell the app to an American company if it is to operate in the US.


The app has 175 million downloads in the US and billions of downloads around the world. ByteDance has filed a lawsuit challenging the restriction announced by President Trump.


President Trump has said that TikTok is used by the Chinese government causing a threat to the security issues of the US.


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