मंगलबार, असार ५, २०८१

India and China agree to disengage troops along the border   

नेपालखोज २०७७ भदौ २६ गते १७:४०

    Foreign ministers of China and India have agreed to disengage their troops along the disputed Himalayan border.

The foreign ministries of both the countries issued a statement on Friday that their troop would quickly disengage from a months-long standoff along their disputed Himalayan border.

Wang Yi, state councilor and foreign minister of China, and Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, foreign minister of India, met in Moscow and agreed to resolve the dispute.

The statement mentions that the two ministers have agreed that the current situation in the border areas is not in the interest of either side. It further states that the border troops of both sides should continue their dialogue and quickly disengage and maintain proper distance and ease the tensions.

A news report by Aljazeera mentions that China’s foreign ministry will maintain communications with India through diplomatic and military channels and commit to “restoring peace and tranquility” in the disputed border areas.


Source: Aljazeera