बुधबार, असार ६, २०८१

‘Hidda Hiddai’ released

नेपालखोज २०७७ असोज २ गते २१:१३

A new song ‘Hidda Hiddai’ has been released today.

The song portrays the thoughts and feelings of a girl who is not able to express her love to a boy.

The music composer of the song is Arjun Pokhrel. The signer of this track is Supriya Sharma.

Sharma is the lyricist of an album called ‘Mero Desh Nepal’ featuring 16 singers which was released two months ago. Sharma has written more than 12 songs including ‘Kina Aajkal timro mann mailo bho’, ‘Timro mayama harauna thaaleko dherai bho’, ‘Timro bahek aru ko cha ra maile line nau’, ‘Timro mayama harauna thaaleko dheria bho’, ‘euti mutuma ghar, arki lai kaleji ma’ and many more.

Sharma is also a social worker and she also has interest in music, literature and spirituality.

Singer Supriya Sharma made her debut in the music industry as a singer with this new song. The video features Nikesh Khadka and Paul Shah.

The editor of the song is Bikas Dhamala, cameraperson is Buddha Thapa, and the choreographer is Subol Thapa. Purshottam Subedi has arranged the song. The music video was released through the official YouTube channel ‘The Divine Music’.