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Trump insist total US control on TikTok Global

नेपालखोज २०७७ असोज ६ गते ११:१७

US President Donald Trump has expressed his doubt regarding TikTok’s operation in the USA until the American companies Oracle and Walmart take full control  of the Chinese app.

Following a deal with American companies, TikTok escaped a US ban on September 20.

ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok,  had earlier said that the company will retain 80 percent stake in the new company that is TikTok Global.

However, President Trump doesn’t agree with this decision of ByteDance. According to him, if ByteDance  will have control over TikTok Global, the US will not agree to the deal.

He had been threatening to ban the app citing security reasons. However, he had agreed to allow TikTok to operate in the US if it was sold to American companies by mid-September.