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Covid-19 cases increasing among children in US

नेपालखोज २०७७ असोज १४ गते १२:४३

Teenagers are susceptible to coronavirus infection twice as much as younger children, states a report prepared by CDC.

Most of the infected children have mild symptoms while hospitalization and death rates are much lower than in adults.

Experts have been saying that school and college going children are not getting affected in classrooms. Most of the college students have been linked to partying and bars. Similarly, the infection in the college going students is linked to playdates, sports, sleepover and other activities.

10 percent of the coronavirus cases in the US consists of children. In April, the percentage of cases in children was only 2 percent, reports CDC. According to CDC the coronavirus cases increased in the US in early September after the educational institutions resumed classes.

Source: AP news