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Covid-19 cases exceed 40 million

NepalKhoj Report 20 Oct, 2020


The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus has crossed 40 million globally.

But experts say that the true impact of the Covid-19 is yet to be felt.

Experts say that the number of cases will be higher than this as the testing is still limited. Many people have no symptoms and the governments of some countries have concealed the number of cases, experts say.

The death toll from Covid-19 has reached 1.1 million.

Till now, three countries – the US, India and Brazil – have the highest number of cases. The US has 8.1 million cases followed by India at 7.5 million cases and Brazil at 5.2 million cases.

In Europe, the cases have drastically increased in recent weeks. The continent has reported 240,000 confirmed virus deaths due to the pandemic till now.

Source: AP news