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Passenger flow increases at Simkot airport

NepalKhoj Report 5 Nov, 2020

Humla: Simkot airport of Humla has witnessed increasing outflow of passengers to their destinations. The daily flow of passengers to the airport has gradually increased when the students reaching their houses from Kathmandu, Surkhet, Nepalgunj and Pokhara with outbreak of coronavirus threat have started returning to their destinations following the relaxation of lockdown. Mainly the students are abound to their destinations outside home district immediately following the celebration of Dashain festival.

As the education and examination are taking place through online medium after a hiatus of lockdown and internet is not working well in Humla, the students are bond to go outside the district. According to the Simkot airport, number of people going outside the district is increasing day by day. Every day over 50 passengers are going outside the district through air.

The ongoing up-gradation of the airport has troubled private airplanes to operate their flights in a full-fledge and smooth manner. Passengers are also facing problem in accessing air ticket due to limited flights. There seems queue up of passengers leaving for their destinations at the gate of the Simkot airport.

Picture source: Reddit.com