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OSCE says US election has been ‘tarnished’

NepalKhoj Report 5 Nov, 2020

Agency: It has been reported that the US election has been ‘tarnished’ due to legal uncertainty, writes the Guardian.

A report by the Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE) in Europe has reported that there are systematic weaknesses in the US elections.

“Baseless allegations of systematic deficiencies, notably by the incumbent president, including on election night, harm public trust in democratic institutions,” mentions the report of the OSCE.

According to Euractiv, a European media network, the head of OSCE criticized US President Donald Trump’s allegation of fraud in election.

President Trump has claimed that some legitimate tallying efforts stopped and tried to assert victory in the election. His rival Joe Biden has urged patience as the votes continued to be counted.

According to the report from CNN politics, Biden has won 264 electoral votes. And  Trump is trailing behind on 214 electoral votes.