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Lack of well-placed isolation wards at Manang

NepalKhoj Report 11 Nov, 2020

Though Manang has been declared a coronavirus free district it is not completely safe of the outbreak of the virus. With the decreasing temperature, the transmission may start anytime soon.

The government of Nepal has made arrangement of isolation at all local levels. But these structures are not well-equipped and well-placed. There are 19 isolation wards across the Manang district. District office chief Badri Acharya said the isolation wards would not be useful from now onward with the fall in temperature. “Isolation wards set up in the district are on tent which would not be able to protect the infected and vulnerable people”, he added. The risks may prevail high when there would be an increasing inflow of tourists from outer districts in the festive season. With the rise in the mobility of tourists in the panoramic Manang the risk factors of coronavirus are also likely to increase.

Taking this into consideration, the 72-hour negative PCR report has been made mandatory for the tourists to enter into the district, shared Chief District Officer Dhruba Giri. The decision was made in coordination and consent with the local levels to mitigate risks. Yangdung Gurung, 76, said, “We love our own place but we want all health facilities here and wish to stay together with family members”. He said all sides should take efforts to place well-equipped and well-facilitated isolation wards at local level in the district. There is only one community hospital across the district and inadequate human resource has troubled the hospital in providing quality health services.