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President-elect Biden to make mask compulsory for 100 days

NepalKhoj Report 4 Dec, 2020

Agency: US President-elect Joe Biden has said that he will ask Americans to wear masks,  BBC reported.

Speaking to CNN, he said that he believed that there would be significant reduction in COVID-19 cases with this measure.

He also said that he would order masks in all government building as well.

USA is the worst affected country with a record of 14.5 million coronavirus cases. Till now 282,829 deaths have been reported from COVID-19 in the country.

The number of cases and number of deaths in the USA are highest in any country in the world.

In an interview with CNN, Biden said that he will ask the public to wear mask for 100 days. “Just 100 days to mask, not forever. One hundred days,” he said.

Constitutional experts say that a US president has no legal authority to order Americans to wear masks.

However, during the interview Biden had said that he and his Vice-President Kamala Harris would set an example by putting on the rules.

According to BBC, the president’s executive authority does cover US government property and Biden is intending to exercise this power.