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US judges reject two more election challenges

NepalKhoj Report 9 Dec, 2020

Agency: In a latest blow to US President Donald Trump, American judges recently rejected bids led by an ally of the President to decertify President-elect Joe Biden’s victories in Michigan and Georgia.

According to Reuters, the judges rejected the bids because of unsubstantiated election irregularities.

Both lawsuits were filed on November 25 by Sidney Powell, a former lawyer for the Trump campaign. Trump and his allies have lost numerous cases aimed at overturning election results in states Trump lost in the November 3 election.

US District Judge Linda Parker in Detroit and US District Judge Timothy Batten in Atlanta ruled that the plaintiffs lacked the legal standing to bring the lawsuits and that the cases were filed too late.

“The people have spoken,” Parker wrote, referring to the election results.

Batten said that the plaintiffs want the court to substitute its judgment for that of two-and-a-half million Georgia voters who voted for Joe Biden, and “this I am unwilling to do”.